The vision inside of you is for YOU.

Your dreams + desires

are yours for a reason.


A life that lights you TF up is for YOU.

Peace and freedom.

Clarity and certainty.

Passion and purpose.


Feeling really fucking GOOD.

You are here to play at the highest level.


Your soul is calling.

Calling you to say YES.


YES to alignment + flow.

YES to the life of your dreams.

YES to your infinite, innate power.

YES to a juicy vision for your future.

YES to your most authentic + abundant life.

You are here for this!

Trust me, there is so much MORE.

I’m Elizabeth

a spaceshiftin’ firecracker + empowerment coach. I am so glad you are here! Get ready to find clarity, tap into your power, step into alignment, and unlock the life of your dreams. 

Elizabth Payne Coaching

Let’s make magic!

Elizabeth Payne Transformational Coaching

My Signature Coaching Program

Are you ready to step into your power? Join me inside of E-Power for 12 weeks of video lessons, 1-1 coaching sessions, meditations, and valuable resources.

Elizabeth Payne Transformational Coaching

Transformative Coaching Sessions

We will work together 1-1 for 3 months. Every month, you receive transformative coaching sessions. Calls are completed “face to face” over Zoom.​ We will dig deep on calls and in between, support is provided via Voxer.​

Elizabeth Payne Transformational Coaching

The Courses

Jump in with my courses and your life will never be the same! Get ready to connect with your Spirit Squad, clear out your backpack, and create an epic vision for your life!

During my time with Elizabeth, I experienced many breakthrough moments. I am more aware and confident in myself than ever before. Elizabeth has given me a special gift that I will continue to use and I am so thankful!


Are you in the river?

Have you heard of the ‘River of Change?’’ In the present moment, you connect to a desire, a dream, a new future. You are ready with a full body YES. The divine responds and says, "Welcome to The River of Change." Once you are in, there is no turning back. The journey...

Are you using your power?

Have you ever heard ‘change is hard?’ What is your relationship with change? To be honest, most people I meet do not LOVE change. Today, I have good news, and I am happy to share it with you: » Change does not have to be HARD. The key? » Get your ENTIRE brain on...

Are you willing to listen?

When it comes to living an authentic, lit up life, what is the difference maker? Why is it that more people are not feeling really GOOD? The truth? » Most people have forgotten how to listen. To themselves. To their body. To the music deep inside. Think about it for a...

Awaken your freedom!