You have a clear vision.

You are connected to a desire.

You have found alignment with a dream.

You are celebrating it already. Dancing the victory dance.

Basking in certainty and knowing. Open and in the receiving mode.

And then, the shifts begin to happen.

Everything is falling into place.

Your new future is here. You’ve stepped into a new reality.

All is well, right?

Not exactly.

Suddenly you have access to new fears.

New doubts. New questions about your worth.

Your confidence feels shaky. Everything is new.

Excitement and gratitude dance with uncertainty and discomfort.

You say to yourself, ‘this is what I’ve always wanted, why am I feeling like this?’

‘Why am I sabotaging myself?’

The truth?

» This is a normal part of the journey.

There are certain things in your backpack that you cannot see or hear until you get there.

Your doubts and fears evolve as you do.

The most powerful thing you can do?

» Take a deep breath and keep saying YES.

YES to growth. YES to expansion. YES to healing.

The human experience is not linear.

You’ve powerfully led yourself to this point.

Now is not the time to stop.

Keep listening and leaning in.

» This is your most powerful YES.

Imagine for a moment:

You are almost there.

At the threshold.

Your hand is on the doorknob.

Listen to the emotions, listen to the fears, listen to the doubts.

Let them have a voice and then lead yourself forward.

Peace, passion, purpose, clarity, and freedom are on the other side.

» Will you open the door?

Do you desire to have a powerful, juicy vision for your life?