Ignoring money mindset work is basically saying no to financial success.

Eight years ago, this was the LAST thing I wanted to hear.

Over 200k in debt, fear ruled my life. I was firmly planted in lack.

Look at my money mindset? No way! That would only make me feel worse!

The truth? Once I looked at my money mindset, EVERYTHING changed!

So, now you say, “great, E, where do I start?”

For clients, the starting point is never the same; it always depends on where they are at and where they have been. Everyone is on a unique journey.

But, there are money mindset principles that are universal.

Today, I am excited to share one of my favorites:

» Your FEELINGS matter.


How do you feel when you SPEND money?


You can do all the “right” things on the outside, but what is happening on the inside is what matters.

Your emotions + thoughts are the game changer!

Wealth and prosperity built on a shaky foundation of fear and lack will not last.

↝ Are you afraid when you spend money?

↝ Do you spend more money when you are sad + angry?

↝ Are you afraid of your bills?

↝ Do you complain about how expensive things are?

↝ Are you afraid of money running out?

↝ Do you overanalyze every cent that is flowing in and out?

How about instead…

↝ Spending money and blessing it as it leaves, confident in the knowing that it is flowing both out AND in!

↝ Spend money out of happiness, joy, + appreciation! Use your money to support the people, causes, + things you love!

↝ Be grateful for your bills! Yes, I said it! Many people would love to have a mortgage or electric bill to pay!

↝ Take the word expensive out of your vocabulary! Everything brings value and let’s face it, money makes the world go round! Look at the VALUE in the things that you normally classify as expensive!

I’m curious, do any of these resonate?

How is your money mindset?

Do you feel like a millionaire in your mind?

Ready to step into more abundance and ease?