You are the storyteller.

I tell you this often.

At any moment, you can choose to tell a new story.

That is your innate power.

You change the narrative, and your reality follows.

This sounds easy and with practice, it is.

The key?

» You must know where you currently stand.

This is the most important and most often missed step.

What story is currently playing out?

What beliefs are reflecting back to you?

What emotions are anchoring in your experience?

When you find the foundation, you can shift the foundation.

» When you shift the foundation, you press play on a new story.

I meet people often that have made a lot of changes.

Personal and professional development.

But they feel like they are dragging the same shit along.

They’ve ‘changed.’

The scenery has changed.

The supporting actors in their play have changed.

But they are experiencing the same low frequency emotions.

The same dynamic of ‘not there yet’ and ‘not good enough’ is still playing out.

Moving pieces around on the surface only feels good for a moment.

Are you ready to shift your foundation?

Let these 3 tips empower and enliven you:

» Ask the divine for help.

This is the step that will begin to move mountains in your life. There is so much happening ‘behind the scenes.’ Squad is ready to jump in and help; your freewill is always the driver. Ask for help: ‘what story am I currently telling?’ ‘What beliefs are no longer my truth?’ ‘What emotions am I dragging along?’ Get ready because once you ask, you will receive.

» Conscious awareness is your power.

Conscious awareness gives you clarity. Burying your head in the sand gets old fast; especially when you are ready for something NEW. When you have clarity, you can make a change. When you have clarity, you can make new, empowered choices.

» Speed is not the answer.

You may be used to moving FAST. Your brain craves change and does not feel comfortable if you slow down. Imagine for a moment: you are sprinting…in place. Maximum effort and exertion but you aren’t going anywhere. In this case, speed is an illusion that placates your brain. Take a deep breath and allow yourself to face the music in the present moment. This is the ultimate ‘slow down to speed up.’

Ready to step into conscious awareness?