This week, I was asked, ‘E, why am I not feeling plugged into my power?’

After a bit of dialogue, the answer became clear:

» Life had become a distraction.

You’ve probably heard this before, but it may not be what you are thinking.

Most people are aware of common things that suck your time and energy:

A full calendar, social media, obligations, meetings, emails, a long to-do list.

All of these are surface level 3d things.

My challenge for you today?

» Go deeper.

To plug into your power is to listen to the noise underneath it all.

If you dropped all the ‘stuff’ for a moment and sat with yourself in silence, what would you hear?

What do you desire?

What are you afraid of?

What story is playing on repeat?

I meet people often that have a very FULL life.

They come to me to find more SPACE.

To tell a new story; to turn the page.

The first step?

» Get uncomfortable.

Your ‘day-to-day’ serves as a comfortable distraction.

As much as you don’t want it, the fullness FEELS good.

It is known and familiar; predictable and ‘safe.’

To welcome change is to press pause.

Even if only for a moment.

So, you can SEE what lies beneath.

And when you do, you plug back into your power.

Will you honor it?

Will you own it?

Today, I am sharing 3 truths about the journey:

» There is always another way.

Infinite possibilities exist in the quantum field, no matter what. There is no such thing as ‘in too deep’ or ‘too far gone.’

» A new perspective might surprise you.

Trust that you can only see a small slice of the truth of your situation. Ask Squad to bring you a novel perspective; one shift will change your life.

» Help is one ask away.

The key? Your free will. Your free will is the driver. Most people forget the only important step: ASK. And then get ready to receive.

Ready to plug into your power?