Lately, I’ve met several people that are ‘feeling the pressure.’

From outside sources. From their backpack.

From LIFE.

Pressure to do more. Pressure to figure it out. Pressure to make a decision.

Pressure to ‘be there already.’

Most humans are so used to ‘being under pressure’ that they don’t know another way to live their life.

Conditioning sends the message that ‘pressure keeps you focused.’

‘Without pressure, you are not driven.’

‘Pressure is required for success.’

‘You will lose your motivation.’

The truth?

» Where there is pressure, there is tension and resistance.

This is not the highest expression of WHO you are.

Pressure creates the ultimate illusion of achievement.

Pressure takes your focus out of the present moment.

Pressure keeps you disconnected from your power.

When you give pressure all your power, you disconnect yourself from the divine rhythm of your life.

» The divine knows no rush.

If something is not here yet, there is a reason.

The timing is always serving you.

Today are you ‘feeling the pressure?’

» Take a deep breath, tune in and ask:

In what areas of my life do I feel ‘most behind?’

When do I feel the most impatient?

Where in my life am I pressing?

Where am I pushing?

Trust the answers that intuitively flow.

» Relieve some of the pressure and return to your power.

Ready to reconnect to your power?