Your brain loves to hang on.

To a little bit of everything.

Old stories. Emotions. Beliefs.

The known and familiar.

Anything that feels ‘safe.’

Even if it is the last thing you desire.

The truth?

» Some things in your life have expired.

And you’ve overlooked the expiration date.

No story is meant to last forever.

No identity, definition, or characteristic is for life.

You are constantly evolving.

Change is the only constant.

That is the truth of the human journey.

You are not the same person you were last year, last month, or last week.

Are you allowing things to shift?

» When you honor the expiration date, you LET GO and let more in.

You are infinite; I tell you this often.

But there is only so much space.

Feeling stuck? Uncertain? Unmotivated?

That is your sign.

Ready for something new?

Let these 3 truths empower and enliven you:

» The tension and resistance are your guide.

I hear often, ‘E, how do I know what has expired?’ Life is always guiding you. Tune in: where do you feel the most tension?

When are you experiencing the most resistance?

» It is safe to grieve.

Honor your full spectrum of emotions. You desire change and change is GREAT, but it is natural and normal to feel sad about the ‘letting go.’ Feel it and let it FLOW.

» The best is yet to come.
The better it gets, the better it gets, BUT your brain may associate change with FEAR. This association is reprogrammable. As you lean in and lead yourself, reassure your brain. Do this several times and your brain will get on board.

Ready to step into a new future?