Have you heard of the ‘River of Change?’’

In the present moment, you connect to a desire, a dream, a new future.

You are ready with a full body YES.

The divine responds and says, “Welcome to The River of Change.”

Once you are in, there is no turning back.

The journey down the River of Change is one-way traffic only.

To get from the present moment to your new future, there will be layers to uncover.

Emotions to feel and transmute, limiting beliefs to hear and reframe, old experiences to process and release.

Some parts of the journey will look and feel more ominous than they truly are.

At times, you will be certain that the best step is to turn back.

Is this you today?

» In the thick of it.

Certain about your new future, but not fully there just yet.

This is the turning point.

Your YES is your power.

YES to more.

YES to change.

YES to a new story.


If you find yourself in the River of Change today, remember this:

▾You lead yourself to it when you lead yourself THRU it.

Once you are IN, the only way out is THRU. Running back to shore or swimming upstream creates chaos and resistance.

▾You are always rising, no matter what.

When you are in it, it may look very messy at moments. Remind your brain, the River of Change is one way traffic only. You are never going backwards.

▾The vision inside of you is for YOU.

Stay connected to your vision and, at the same time, let it shift and change as you do. The key thing to remember? If it wasn’t for YOU, it wouldn’t have been given to YOU.

▾Squad is always ready to help.

Ask for divine help, again and again. Your freewill is the driver. There is no limit; magic and miracles ABOUND.

Ready to jump into the River of Change?