You have a clear vision.

You know where you are going.

You are certain. You are excited. You are expectant.

You are grateful AF.

You’ve leaned in, again and again.

You’ve gotten your brain on board, again and again.

You feel embodied in the now present moment.

Fully immersed in the journey of calibration.

Celebrating as if it is already done.

But your dream is not yet here.

Your desire has yet to actualize.

The page is not ready to turn.

You’ve been waiting ‘forever.’

You are ready; you can FEEL it.

Impatience creeps in and clouds your certainty.

Your mind tells you to count the days.

Your heart is set on a specific timeline.

Surely, you know the most ideal unfolding.

The truth?

» Your insistence takes you out of the FLOW.

When your mind is insistent, you close all the doors but the tiniest one, forcing yourself down the only path your mind can fathom.

Insistence is a big fat ‘no thank you’ to the divine.

When you are insistent, you are out of your power.

Insistence slams the door on infinite possibilities.

Your certainty and knowingness invite in the magic; your insistence turns it off.

Are you currently in a season of ‘I surely thought it would be here by now?’

Let these 3 truths empower and enliven you:

» This is an opportunity. Tune in. Ask yourself: where am I forcing things? Force is the opposite of FLOW. Where in my life can I inject more ease? Where am I experiencing the most tension and resistance?

» Your view is not infinite, but your steps are guided by infinite intelligence. Your human mind can only fathom a small percentage of possibilities available to you. Trust that there is so much happening FOR YOU behind the scenes.

» Every step is intentional. There is no part of your journey that is not there for a reason. Tune in. Ask yourself: how is this serving me? What is this showing me? What opportunity am I overlooking? What energy is ready to go?

Ready to find you FLOW?