Most people are focused on leading others, but unclear about how to lead themselves.

Over the years, I’ve had clients from all sectors and spaces.

Entrepreneurs. Executives. Engineers. Athletes.

Most of the time, they know a lot about ‘leadership.’

They’ve read the books and attended the trainings.

Sometimes, they have degrees and certifications galore.

You would likely look at them and say, ‘what a great leader.’

But they come to me because they are ready for something more.

More peace. More clarity. More passion. More joy. More rest.

The condition of their inner world has taken a back seat to their outer pursuit of leadership.

Or love. Or abundance. Or impact.

Or <insert your chosen desire>.

Whatever ‘it’ is, the truth remains the same:

» To lead yourself is to lead the way.

Someone needs to hear this today.

A permission slip of sorts.

» Your leadership is only as effective and powerful as your foundation.

How do you gauge your foundation?

Lean into it and answer honestly:

How are you feeling?

Excited, certain, and expectant or doubt-filled, stressed, and unclear?

Are you facing or avoiding your fears?

A solid foundation looks like you connected to your inner GPS.

Your wellbeing comes first; you take action from overflow.

» To lead yourself is to lead the way.

Will you honor it?

Will you own it?

Today, I am sharing 3 truths about the journey:

» Leaders are human.

Sometimes, I find this story in client’s backpacks: ‘I am the leader, I shouldn’t be the one asking for help.’ This is old conditioning that keeps you disconnected from your power.

Asking for help is a version of ‘I am leading myself.’ Often, this is the most important first step.

» Your backpack is a mirror.

This is your pain, but this is your power. Your team members, your clients, your business partners, your peers = your greatest mirror. Can you receive it all as a gift? The tension, the resistance, the dialogue, the situations, the discomfort; ALL of it is calling you forward and showing you the way.

» Leadership comes in infinite expressions.

I love to save the best for last. The definition and ‘look’ of leadership have changed drastically in the last few years and more change is on the horizon. To lead yourself is to own your personal definition of leadership. Ditch the rules, the shoulds, the woulds, and honor what is true and aligned for YOU

Ready to lead the way?