You are a divine, spiritual being having a 3d human experience.

Your soul came here for a reason.

You are unique; there is no one else that is YOU.

You have unique traits and quirks.

You have unique preferences and priorities.

You have unique dreams and desires.

Your most aligned, LIT UP life is unique to YOU.

Many people find themselves unfulfilled.

They are tired. They are confused.

Overwhelmed and disconnected.

And they’ve gotten used to it.

They’ve normalized it.

Their brain is on autopilot, steering them away from the life of their dreams.

The truth?

» Most people have stopped dreaming.

They’ve gotten sucked into the illusion.

Suffering. Fear. Doubt.

Their brain says, ‘this is part of the game.’

If you hear nothing else today, hear this:

» You did not come here to settle.

You did not come here to live a mediocre life.

You came here to grow, to heal, to expand, to ascend.

To push the boundaries. To meet your edge, again and again.

To play. To learn. To laugh. To love.

And most importantly, to LISTEN.

To listen to the music deep inside.

To listen to your soul’s calling.

To honor your unique dreams and desires.

Let these 3 truths empower and enliven you:

» You will likely have to throw out the ‘norm.’

The ‘norm’ is just an illusion that keeps you locked in. Focus less on ‘what everyone else is doing’ and more on ‘this is what lights me TF up.’

» Letting go is part of the process.

When you step into something new, something will have to go. This a natural and normal part of the journey. Let go and let it in.

» Your truth is underneath the layers.

Commit to your dreams and lean in. Beyond the conditioning, the doubts, the fear, and the bullshit beliefs, magic awaits.

Ready to say YES to the life of your dreams?