I talk to you often about making shifts.

Setting an intention.

Changing your focus.

Choosing a new belief.

Anchoring in a new truth.

When you shift, your reality follows.

THAT is your power.

When you own it, you SEE it.

When you believe it, you SEE it.

When you embody it, you SEE it.

When you calibrate to it, you SEE it.

Most people I meet are on board with ‘making a shift.’

They are excited about the change.

A new season. A new opportunity. A new paradigm.

Healing. Growth. Expansion.

Something different reflecting back.

However, they are not always ready for what comes next.

» Once you choose the shift, the truth will be revealed.

Let’s play with an example for the sake of clarity:

Zamara is a client of mine. Note: this is not the name of a real client.

Zamara desires to feel more confidence and less doubt.

More clear, more certain, more connected to her inner truth.

She chooses to shift into a new story: I am confident, I am certain, I am clear.

We agree that she will start the next morning.

She begins her day with her usual morning practice and at the end of her meditation, she connects with her new story.

» I am confident, I am certain, I am clear.

Within a few hours, she feels the familiar doubt.

A conversation she has almost every day, but she hasn’t yet stopped long enough to discern what lies beneath.

She makes a note about the energy in her journal.

Around midday, she feels the old story creeping in again after reading a post on social media.

She makes a note about the energy in her journal.

As she goes throughout her day, the truth continues to be revealed.

Every time, she makes a note about the energy in her journal.

At the end of the day, during her evening practice, she reviews the notes from her journal and leans in.

‘What story am I holding on to?’

‘What must I believe to feel this way?’

‘What does this emotion remind me of?’

‘What perspective is reflecting back to me?’

By finding what lies beneath, she can move through it and move forward.

» Your power lies in honoring the truth that is revealed.

The truth is your greatest gift.

Every time you lean in and take a step forward, you further calibrate to the new future that you desire.

Are you ready for a new season? A new opportunity? A new reality?

Awesome, lets go!

Step 1: Choose the shift.

Set an intention, change your focus, embody a new belief, anchor in a new truth, pick a new story.

Step 2: Honor the truth that is revealed and lean TF in.

Your conscious awareness is your POWER. Become an objective detective in your own life.

Step 3: Rinse + repeat.

Some shifts happen fast, some happen on a different timeline. Some take a day; some take several weeks. Stay aware and keep leaning in for as long as it takes.

Calibration is a journey of small shifts. No matter what, the vision inside of you is for YOU.

Ready for some support on your journey?