“How do I know if I am ready?”

“E, am I ready for this right now?”

Are you wondering if you are ready?

Have you done ‘enough?’

Is NOW the perfect time?

The truth?

» You are always ready.

Right here, right now.

In this present moment, YOU are ready.

So, why is your brain wondering if you are ready?

The unfolding of the journey sometimes creates confusion: you feel ready, you believe you are ready, you think ‘I am ready, lets fucking go.’

Then, you have an experience, and it doesn’t go as you planned.

You get done with the experience and your brain says, ‘maybe I wasn’t ready, maybe I’m not as ready as I thought I was, maybe there are more steps to take before I am fully ready.’

This happens once or a few <several!?> times and you begin to question yourself, ‘am I ready, I thought I was ready, will I ever be ready?’

That is when I hear ‘E, now I don’t know, how do I know?’

If you hear nothing else today hear this:

You are always ready; you are ever ready.

By nature, you were born ready.

» In the present moment, whatever you are receiving, you are ready for THAT.

A step forward, an action to take, wisdom to gain, something to hear, to see, to feel, to discern.

There is something in the present moment that you are ready for.

You may look back and have a realization that you aren’t where you thought you were, or you learn something and say, ‘how did I not see that or realize that before.’

Great, now you know! That is part of the journey.

And that is not saying you weren’t ready or that you should question forevermore if you are ready or not.

Simply put, THAT is the way the human journey is meant to work.

In that moment, THAT is exactly what you were ready for.

» You are always ready.

Ground into the present moment, open your heart, open your eyes, and affirm:

‘Whatever is for me right now in the present moment, I honor it, I trust it, whatever it is, it is meant for me, I am always moving forward.’

What are you ready for right now?