Many years ago, deep in meditation, I heard these words.

Loud and clear.

» Are you ready to cross?

For years I had felt a deep, intense calling on my life.

A higher power calling me onto a completely different path.

The winds of change were blowing, and during that meditation, I found myself standing in the river of change.

The last 3 decades of my life this go round flashed in front of me.

The pain, the fear, the success, the joy, the trauma, the doubt.

Every part of the journey leading up to that moment.

» Are you ready to cross?

I screamed “YES!” at the top of my lungs.

There was no turning back.

There will be moments in your life where you will have a choice to say YES.

YES to a new future. YES to a new story. YES to your dreams and desires.


YES to your DESTINY.

Let this be your reminder:

» The vision inside of you is for you.

» Your desires are your destiny.

» No one can say YES to you but YOU.


Ready to say YES to the life of your dreams?