This moment is the gift.

The present moment. The fullness of the present moment.

The good news?

There is nothing you need outside of this moment.

In this moment, the steps are revealed, and the information is given.

Even the tension and resistance are perfectly timed.

Calling you deeper. Shining the spotlight on a specific area of your life.

So often, I meet people that are ‘running ahead’ or ‘looking back.’

The conditioning runs deep.

Review, analyze, assess, replay the past.

Project, plan, map out, predict the future.

And, unknowingly, they are unplugged from their POWER.

The truth?

» Your backpack may contain fear of the present moment.

Hear me out.

The present moment is your POWER; this moment is the gift.

If you are not in the present moment, your energy, and thus your POWER, are elsewhere.

It sounds great, right?

You love the sound of it.

But, day to day, your backpack says, ‘no way Jose!’

The good news?

Most of what you are doing is a memorized state of being, a program.

And that means you can shift it.

Today, I am sharing 3 prompts to uncover the part of your backpack that is resisting the gift:

» Focus on the idea of staying in the present moment. Does any emotion or resistance arise?

» Focus on the idea of not thinking about what you are doing tomorrow, next week, or next month. Does any emotion or resistance arise?

» Focus on the idea of letting go of your attachment to a to-do list and a plan. Does any emotion or resistance arise?

Trust what comes to the surface and LEAN IN. A lighter backpack and your power lie on the other side.

Ready to go deeper and lighten your backpack?