Have you ever heard ‘change is hard?’

What is your relationship with change?

To be honest, most people I meet do not LOVE change.

Today, I have good news, and I am happy to share it with you:

» Change does not have to be HARD.

The key?

» Get your ENTIRE brain on board.

First, let’s lay the foundation.

Your brain is made up of your conscious mind and your subconscious mind.

Your conscious mind houses your short-term memory, critical thinking, logical thinking, and your will.

This makes up 10% of your brain.

Your subconscious mind houses your habits, your values, your beliefs, your intuition, your emotions, your long-term memory, your reactions, and your power.

This makes up 90% of your brain.

That is helpful knowledge, but this is the most important part:

» Most people are working only with their conscious mind.

Let’s tie it back to ‘change is hard.’

Change starts with a decision.

To be someone different.

To do something different.

To say something different.

To think something different.

If you make a decision with your conscious mind (your WILL) and leave out your subconscious mind (your POWER), your WILL (10%) gets swallowed up by your POWER (90%).

If you make a decision with your conscious mind (your WILL) and get your subconscious mind (your POWER) FULLY on board then you have WILLPOWER.

Here is a helpful visual of the concept:

Two circles. One where power eats the will. The other a full circle willpower.

When you have WILLPOWER on your side, change becomes exciting and easy, and you no longer feel like you are banging your head on the ceiling over and over.

Curious about how to get your ENTIRE brain on board?

Today I am sharing 3 ways to use your power:

» Listen to the ‘yeah, buts.’

That is your subconscious mind talking. As long as you ignore it, change will continue to feel hard. Instead, look it in the eyes, honor it, OWN it. And then, transmute it. Use your tools and move through it.

» The naysayers are a mirror.

YES, I said it. Not everyone will be on board with your change.

If someone has doubts or is fearful, don’t make it about THEM.

Have gratitude for the reflection and make a shift on the inside.

» Honor your emotions.

For some, change elicits emotion. This is totally natural. The key? Don’t stuff it. Your emotions are part of your POWER.

Acknowledge them so they can flow on through.

Ready to plug into your power?