Let’s talk about your vision.

You’ve connected to a future potential.

A dream. A desire. A new storyline.

You can FEEL it.

Excitement. Anticipation.

The frequency of your new future is clear.

The fire has been lit.

The key?

» Keeping it lit.

The initial spark will not sustain you for the entire journey.

After the newness and excitement wears off, how do you respond?

At the first tinge of fear, do you run and hide?

When doubt creeps in, do you bail?

Your best friend doesn’t believe, do you give in?

The truth?

» To FEEL it all is to stay plugged into your power.

You either FEEL it and move through it or you run away and hide.

To run away from what you are feeling is to run away from everything you desire.

For ages, humans have been conditioned to RUN.

Avoid the discomfort. Steer clear of the tension and resistance.

Definitely don’t look within.

This is why so many people are unplugged from their power.

Unhappy. Unwell. Unsatisfied. Unmotivated. Unfulfilled.

» To step into a new future is to honor ALL of the unfolding.

The highs, the lows. The ups, the downs.

The celebrations, the lessons learned.

Sometimes you are sprinting, sometimes you’ve slowed to a crawl.

My challenge for you today?

» Keep saying YES.

YES to leaning TF in.

YES to listening to the noise.

YES to your juicy dreams and desires.

And remember:

The vision inside of you is for YOU.

When you lead yourself through it, you lead yourself to it.

You are loved. You are guided. You are supported.

I am always cheering you on

Ready to say YES to a juicy new future?