How does that word make you feel?


To be honest, the word used to make me cringe.

I associated sacrifice with suffering.

I was the queen of hanging on.

Clinging tightly to everything I knew.

The known felt safe.



Memories. Emotions. Experiences.

People. Places. Things.

I pushed against the sacrifice.

Uninterested in giving something up. No desire to let something go.

The truth?

Hanging on keeps you playing small.

You desire MORE.

More love. More peace. More joy.

More clarity. More freedom. More LIFE.

New experiences are calling you forward.

Your dreams and desires are your destiny.

The things that excite you are for YOU.

But first, life is asking you to LET GO.

To sacrifice who you have been to step into who you are meant to be.

To sacrifice the beliefs and projections that tether you to an old version of you.

To sacrifice the “way life has always gone” to connect with the truth of your soul.

To sacrifice the known and familiar and comfortable to make way for MAGIC beyond your wildest dreams.

Your brain will tell you that when you sacrifice, you lose.

That letting go is a form of giving up.

Your brain uses the story to keep you ‘safe.’

The good news?

You always have a choice.

Your willed, conscious choice is your POWER.

You are absolutely here for THIS.

Let go and let it all in.

Ready to make MAGIC?