“E, I am afraid of the unknown.”

Does this sound familiar?

I find this often in the backpacks of driven, successful clients.

They have the accolades and achievements and everything they believed they desired, but their soul says:

There is so much MORE!

They can’t shake the nagging feeling.

But their brain says:

What about change? What about the new? What about the UNKNOWN?

To the brain, it all sounds very OUT. OF. CONTROL.

And to be honest, THAT is the point.

A ‘known, predictable’ life gives you the illusion of ‘control.’

Your brain LOVES it, but your soul will always crave MORE.

Today, I have a challenge for you!

There are two parts:

» First, see the possibility in the unknown.

The unknown is a landscape of infinite possibility.

This is a life-changing reframe.

» Second, define yourself in the unknown.

This is you in your POWER.

Owning the truth that you are the storyteller.

You are powerful beyond measure.

I am always cheering you on.

Ready to answer the call?