I tell you often that YOU are the storyteller; life is always reflecting YOU.

And it is true, through and through.

Over the last several years, I’ve shared about The Backpack and The Vision.

About emotional responsibility and the power of the present moment.

About finding alignment and living the life of your dreams.

Again and again, I am asked the same questions:

‘E, how does all of this work inside of a relationship?’

‘What about the battle of the backpacks?’

‘Is a truly powerhouse partnership possible?’

And, every time, I say:

‘I’m so glad you asked.’

The truth?

» Your partner is your greatest mirror.

When it comes to relationships, there are two options:

You battle to the death with your backpack contents, tension, resistance, strife, pain.

Or you embrace the divine mirror and allow it to be your greatest gift, connection, trust, passion, expansion.

Nothing is as powerful as two people aligned and in sync, leaning TF in.

Clearing out their backpacks and consciously communicating along the way.

Embodying a vision for a new, juicy future, together.

» Do you desire a powerhouse partnership?

Today, I am sharing 3 truths about relationships:

» It is never too late.

Currently in a relationship or not, it is never too late. You can begin to tell a new story NOW. The vision inside of you is for YOU.

» Your dream lies underneath the layers.

Your backpack holds the key; its contents stand between you and your desired future.

Take some stuff out and make space for a new story.

» Trust your desire and say YES to leaning in.

Your desires are yours for a reason, passion, connection, trust, FUN, romance.

Whatever IT is, trust it. And then take the first step by leaning in.

Are you ready for MORE?