Do you realize that if you are unaware, your dreams and desires will work against you?

I tell you often, “your desires are your destiny.”

» The vision inside of you is for YOU.

But your brain will tell you another story.

For clarity, let’s look at the steps.

The first step?

You download a dream.

You connect with a desire.

You receive clarity about something you would like to experience in the ‘future.’

You feel excitement.

You are certain.

This may be where you are at now.

» Step 1 is done.

The second step?

You lean in and find alignment with your new future.

You clear out your backpack of limiting beliefs and stories that are not your truth.

You listen to the “yeah, buts” and find reframes that keep you in your power.

You feel and process any low frequency emotions that arise when you tune in to your new desire.

You are ready to embody your new future in the now present moment.

» Step 2 is done.

The third step?


This is the fun part, but this is also the most likely place for your brain to interfere.

At this point, by embodying your new future in the now present moment, you begin to tell a new story.

You are stepping in.

You are stepping in to 2.0 YOU.

New emotions. New beliefs. New experiences. New truths.

You are clear. You are focused. You are certain.

And then your brain calls a TIMEOUT.

And starts reminding you of your current reality.

Your brain takes your focus from your new future and brings you back to the present moment so you can take score.

In response to your brain, you look around and “take score.”

And this activates the energy of lack.

Your dream or desire is not in your reality YET.

There will be a space of time between downloading your dream or desire and the actualization of it in your reality.

Your brain is pointing out the obvious.

It believes it is keeping you safe, even though it is steering you off course.

The good news?

» You can retrain your brain.

Next time your brain jumps in and prompts you to take score, remember these truths:

» Your conscious awareness is your power. You are reading this, so now you are aware. When your brain calls a timeout, return the favor and timeout your brain.

» Remind your brain that you are safe. Your desires are your destiny. You appreciate the concern, but it is not helpful.

» Ask for help. Ask Spirit Squad. Ask the divine. Ask the Universe. Ask Source. Ask God. Whatever resonates for you, ask for help.

Over time, you will retrain your brain to support you instead of “keeping you safe” and getting in the way.

Would you love support as you lean in?