Helping powerful people awaken their FREEDOM;

get out of their own way, stop settling, break through fear + doubt, tap into an abundant flow and BE, DO + HAVE it all!

Do you crave freedom?


Freedom to LET GO of your fears + doubts and step fully into your POWER.

 Freedom to get off your current path + write a new story that LIGHTS YOU UP; to LIVE a life that LIGHTS YOU UP.

 Freedom to be authentically YOU.

 Freedom to reconnect with WHO you are.


Freedom to put yourself first, ALWAYS.

 Freedom to shift into ABUNDANCE + EASE.


Freedom to FEEL it all, take a DEEP breath + FULLY live.

 Freedom to get IN THE FLOW + consciously CREATE the life of your dreams.


Freedom to step into the version of you that looks CRAZY to everyone on the outside but feels so DAMN good.


So juicy! So profound! That. Is. It. You want it.

More than anything. The good news?

I am a BEACON! Showing YOU the way! Alignment, clarity and ease are available to you.

Freedom is waiting on the other side.

Is it time for you to AWAKEN YOUR FREEDOM?

I’m Elizabeth

a spaceshiftin’ firecracker + empowerment coach. I help people from around the world awaken their freedom and step into a life of abundance and ease!

Elizabth Payne Coaching

Let’s make magic!

Elizabeth Payne Transformational Coaching

My Signature Coaching Program

Are you ready to step into your power? Join me inside of E-Power for 12 weeks of video lessons, 1-1 coaching sessions, meditations, and valuable resources.

Elizabeth Payne Transformational Coaching

Transformative Coaching Sessions

We will work together 1-1 for 3 months. Every month, you receive transformative coaching sessions. Calls are completed “face to face” over Zoom.​ We will dig deep on calls and in between, support is provided via Voxer.​

Elizabeth Payne Transformational Coaching

The Courses

Jump in with my courses and your life will never be the same! Get ready to connect with your Spirit Squad, clear out your backpack, and create an epic vision for your life!

Awaken your freedom!