Are you good at ping pong?

Do you realize that you are playing ping pong with everything in your life?

This truth will change your life.

Your life is always reflecting you.

Life is always responding to you.

Most people are walking around unaware.

They are unconsciously playing the ping pong match.

Can you imagine?

You are not setting yourself up for victory.

▾ Your awareness is the first step.

Take your relationships for example.

Bring one to mind now.

Your partner, your child, your colleague, your boss.

What is the dialogue you have with this person?

What are the interactions like?

What are the conversations you dip into time and time again?

That is you in a ping pong match with them.

You ping, they pong. Rinse and repeat.

First step done. Now you are aware.

▾ Next, make a shift.

Change something. Say something new. Respond differently.

During a ping pong match, what happens when you make a move?

The other player shifts to mirror you. The game changes.

You lead, your reality follows.

Become aware and then make a shift.

And lastly, remember:

▾ Sometimes a timeout is your best move.

In the heat of the moment, call time out to ground yourself and find clarity.

Take some deep breaths.

Choose to respond instead of react and you interrupt the pattern.

Ready to improve your ping pong life skills?