Sometimes, you <unknowingly> drag shit along.

Conclusions you’ve drawn that are coloring your life.

Limiting beliefs. Low frequency emotions.

The <energy> lies dormant for some time.

You can’t SEE it.

You can’t FEEL it.

You can’t HEAR it.

Until you do.

In a moment, you become aware.

» That is the turning point.

You get to decide.

Do you stuff it and run in the other direction?

Or do you draw the line and declare:

This is old.

» This is no longer the vibe.

Life is always reflecting you.

I tell you this often.

But there is a catch:

» It is up to you to discern and decide.

For <decades> I had my head in the sand.

Unable to see or hear the story I was telling.

Totally unplugged from my power.

Eventually, my life screamed loud enough that I had no choice but to decide:

» This is no longer the vibe.

If you hear nothing else today, hear this:

You are the storyteller.

Always and in ALL ways.

Today, I am sharing 3 truths about the journey:

» Nothing is unchangeable.

That is the nature of reality. With each breath, you can experience this deeper. How fluid can you allow your life to be? You shift, your reality follows.

» Your soul will keep calling.

Calling you forward; calling you deeper. Calling you to remember the truth of who you are. Are you willing to answer the call?

» The timing is always divine.

Things come into your awareness at the perfect time. Every part of the unfolding is divine. Tune in now: is it time for you to draw the line?

Are you ready to draw the line?