Have you ever thought about it?

Deep down, what is your soul longing for?

I use this question often with clients, and most of the time, the response does not come quickly.

Humans are highly skilled at stuffing.

Stuffing things deep inside their backpack.

Emotions, experiences, dreams, desires.

Hidden by layers of life. Never to see the light of day.

Most people that come to me feel disconnected in some way.

Disconnected from their power.

Disconnected from their truth.

Disconnected from their dreams and desires.

But something calls them forward.

The light within flickers, begging to set their life ablaze.

And I ask, ‘what do you secretly desire?’

A few deep breaths, sometimes mixed with tears, and they begin to remember.

To remember their truth. To remember their passion. To remember their essence.

To remember who TF they are, underneath it all.

If this resonates for you today, I have three truths to share:

» There are more opportunities + paths available to you than you can ever fathom.
Most people unknowingly put themselves in a box. Limited by ‘what they’ve seen others do,’ ‘what someone told them they could do,’ ‘how someone told them to live their life.’ The truth? There is no box. Infinite possibilities are available to you; better than anything you can imagine.

» You have a unique rhythm and flow.
Every human is unique. Every human experience is unique. That is the beauty of it all. Your dreams and desires are unique to you. The things that light you up are unique to you. The most aligned life for you is unique to you. Embrace it. Trust it. OWN IT.

» Go where you feel most alive.
You are here to LIVE your life. To feel, to love, to experience, to enjoy. The divine communicates with you through your excitement. A feeling of excitement means ‘more of this.’ Are you listening to the things that light you up? When and where do you feel most alive? Your excitement paves your path. Are you honoring it?

Ready to awaken your freedom?