Would you be surprised if I told you that EASE is a choice?

Most people have a struggle program turned on in their brain.

It starts at a young age; the messages arrive from a little bit of everywhere.

TV, movies, music, your well-meaning family members.

Things you hear, see, and experience throughout childhood have landed in your backpack.

And they are still there, coloring every aspect of your life.

The truth?

» The collective story does not have to be your story.
This is really good news.

Ease is for YOU. Feeling GOOD is for you.

The first step is to unpack.

Find the perspectives, beliefs, experiences, and emotions that tell the story of struggle.

Piece by piece. Step by step.

Make space for ease in your backpack and the tide will turn.

Today, I am sharing 3 truths about ease:

» Your default can change.

Most people are unaware of their default setting. If struggle is your ‘unconscious’ default setting, then awareness is your power. Bring the pattern into the light of awareness and you can begin to make a shift.

» Your brain may hang on.

I will never stop saying this. If you are ready for your brain to put up a fight, then it will be easier to fight back. Your brain loves the known and familiar, even if it is the last thing you desire.

» It may take time for the new program to stick.

Energy is moving faster now than ever before, but this is your reminder to be patient with yourself. Your focus and intention will add up over time; your experience will ebb and flow as you build momentum.

Are you ready to turn the tide?