Your reality is way more malleable than you realize.

Infinite parallel realities exist at any one time.

All different versions of you and your current circumstances.

Infinite paths and possibilities available to you NOW.

Imagine for a moment it is 1999…

You are listening to the radio and flipping through stations moving from song to song.

You are tuning in to different wavelengths and accessing different experiences and sounds.

» Your life works in much the same way.

You choose which reality you are tuning in to.

You shift your frequency, your reality follows.

What does it look like to ‘change your frequency?’

Your frequency is made up of a myriad of things, most of which are found in your backpack.

Beliefs, perspectives, expectations, memories, emotions, and stories to name a few.

Let’s say you are ready to ‘change the channel’ on something in your life.

A season, a situation, a relationship, tension, resistance.

Something is ready to go.

What comes to mind for you?

To make this clearer, let’s jump into an actual example.

<Side note: permission is always granted, and I never share real names.>

Jess is an emotional human being.

She always has been as far back as she can remember.

The feels are BIG, and they come on strong.

For a long time, the emotion would take her under.

From a young age, she did not have the tools to ‘ride the wave’ and process the emotions.

If other people were around, her emotions made them uncomfortable; this compounded the pressure that she felt.

After a month of working together, Jess had both new tools and several new empowering perspectives.

She was feeling better than she ever had, but one sticky perspective remained:

» My emotions make me unstable and unpredictable.

She could see that this was holding her back from taking the next step on her vision.

Her foundation felt wobbly instead of stable and solid.

This perspective was reflected to her by the people in her life.

She was ready to ‘change the channel.’

Let’s walk through the steps; these are applicable to anything and everything in your life.

» First, ask yourself, where is this coming from?

What lies beneath? What must I believe to be true?

For Jess, this perspective was based on an old story; it started in childhood, and she unknowingly dragged it with her up until that point.

» Second, ask yourself, what is true for me NOW?

What story resonates for me now? What is the most empowered perspective?

For Jess, the old story was no longer true. Her backpack is lighter now after learning how to clear and she has tools now that baby Jess never had.

» Third, land the reframe and release the old energy.

Choose the reframe that resonates most deeply for you.

Jess chose ‘My foundation is solid; I am steady and stable. I use my tools to ride the wave and I rise.’

We anchored this in and released the old energy together.

When you shift your frequency, your reality follows.

Are you willing to push the boundaries of your life?

Ready to change the channel?