Why do I feel stuck?

Why am I not fulfilled?

Why can I not tell a new story?

Why is this happening in my life?

Why am I constantly doubting myself?

In the last month, I’ve received all these questions.

The truth?

» Your backpack is the answer.

Your backpack holds the key.

I tell you often:

Life is always reflecting YOU.

Your life is a reflection of the contents of your backpack.

Your backpack sets the boundaries for your life.

Your backpack is filled with beliefs, emotions, expectations, and past experiences.

Add it all up and you get your ‘current experience of reality.’

The good news?

» Nothing in your backpack has to be permanent.

This means:

No story is final.

No season is forever.

No narrative is ‘for life.’

Everything is ‘change-able.’

One more time for the people in the back row.

Everything is ‘change-able.’

THAT is the nature of reality.

Today, I am sharing 3 truths about your backpack:

» Your conscious awareness is your power.

Your backpack is the vehicle. If you are unaware, your life is on autopilot. Once you become aware, you jump into the driver’s seat.

» There is only so much energetic space.

Your backpack can only hold so much. When you take something out that is no longer serving you, you liberate energy and make room for a new future.

» Your backpack can be your best friend.

Fill it with the goods: affirm an empowering truth. Connect to a new belief. Anchor in a high frequency emotion. Celebrate a beautiful experience.

When you begin to dialogue with your backpack, you plug into your POWER.

You are powerful beyond measure.

I am always cheering you on

Ready to learn more about your backpack?